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For those doing hair removal for the first time


Thank you for visiting Maris Gina's homepage.
Perhaps many of you found our salon after learning about "Sugaring Hair Removal" while searching for Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal.
Or you may have heard it from a friend.


At Maris Gina, we mainly offer "Sugaring hair removal", which is gentler on the skin than traditional Brazilian wax.
Maris Gina's Sugaring uses the brand [Alexandria Professional (AP)], and the technology and theory of hair removal is different from other companies' Sugaring, we call it "AP Sugaring".

Difference between Brazilian wax and Sugaring


What is Brazilian Waxing


Brazilian wax is made from resin or honey, and when it is warmed and softened, it is applied to the skin, and paper is applied over it to remove hair. Then, the hair will be pulled out in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
There are the two types:
1. Strip wax: A method by removing hair with the use of paper (for hair removal other than Bikini and armpits)
2 Hard wax: A method of removing hair by pulling a solidified wax which was applied on top of the skin (for Bikini or armpits).

Since Brazilian wax is used warm/hot, some people may feel hot in sensitive areas. Also, if hair does not come off, wax will be applied to the same area twice or three times, so the second and third times may feel even hotter than the first time.
In addition, wax is applied on the same direction of hair growth and the hair is pulled in the opposite direction by force to remove the hair. The hair may be cut under the skin in the direction opposite to the direction of the hair root, resulting in buried hair (ingrown hair). After waxing, it will be finished by using tweezers. This is said to be the most damaging and painful part for your skin. Hair cannot be removed by waxing unless the hair reached a certain length.

What is Sugar Wax?
Sugar wax is not a wax made of resin, but a wax made of sugar, water and lemon. This is also called wax hair removal, and hair is removed using paper.
Sugar wax is excellent in that, it is gentle on the skin, but in the case of hair removal such as in the Bikini Area, it may not be suitable because it has a slightly weaker adhesive force than Brazilian wax.

What is AP Sugaring Hair Removal?

AP Sugaring hair removal is a sugar paste made of sugar, water, and lemon which is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth, so that the sugar paste gets into the pores and the hair roots can be removed. Since hair is removed by technique, even short hair can be removed.
AP Sugaring is applied to your skin with a sugar paste which is almost as close as your body temperature, so you do not have to worry about it getting hot. Since it is made of sugar, water, and lemon, it does not cause allergic reactions and is a hair removal method that can be used for atopic skin.


What is AP Sugaring Hair Removal?
Since it is applied against the hair growth and gently wraps and pulls out the hair roots, it is difficult for the hair to be cut and the probability of having buried hair (ingrown hair) is low.

Depending on the level of the technician, short hair may not come off, and while some sugaring salons finish with tweezers, AP sugaring technology can also remove short hair.
Other companies' sugaring treatments uses tweezers to finish like waxing, but tweezers hurt, pores get damaged and doing skin care wouldn’t go well.
On the other hand, the price is a little higher than regular Brazilian wax.

Merit of the sugaring epilation



Short hair comes off & no tweezers are needed.

The best feature is that short hairs can be *removed too.

※Short hair may not be removed depending on the skin and hair condition after self-treatments before.

1 Short hairs can be removed
2 No tweezers required
3 Hair becomes thinner (hair quality also changes)
4 It wears out because it can be pulled out in the hair cycle.
5 You do not have to wait until the hair reaches a certain length like waxing.
Depending on the condition of your skin and hair, even 1 mm can be removed.


Gentle on the skin

Since sugar also has a bactericidal action, it is safe to apply it to the skin with a clean paste to remove hair without the growth of bacteria.
Contains no additives such as fragrances / preservatives / synthetic surfactants.
The only ingredients are sugar / lemon / water.
It can be safely performed even for those with weak skin or pregnant women.


No need to get worry for burns

There is no damage to keratinocytes due to heat.
We use sugar paste at room temperature or below the temperature of human skin.
No need to worry even for those who have felt "hot!" due to other hair removal or who are afraid of getting burns for the first time doing hair removal.


Hair is removed from hair roots

The sugar paste penetrates the pores to wrap the hair roots and remove the hair.
Even thick hair does not grow tingling because the hair is removed from the roots.
Sugar paste is also included in the skin care. After hair removal, it removes dirt from the hair roots, so your skin will become cleaner.
Sugar also has a bactericidal effect and can remove bacteria that remains in the pores, making it difficult for pimples to form.


Less Painful

It doesn't damage the skin, so it feels less painful than waxing.
Although there are individual differences, the hair becomes thinner as you continue. The repeat customer's pain will be further reduced with each treatment.


Less likely to become ingrown hair (ingrown hair)

Since it is gently pulled out in the direction in which the hair is growing, even if it breaks, it will not become an ingrown hair (buried hair) if it is exfoliated.
By using AP's exclusive scrub, inflammation, bacteria and ingrown hair can be prevented.

Voices from our Sugarist (Practitioners)

It's easier to remove than wax, and you don't have to use tweezers.

It's nice and fun because it can be taken more beautifully than waxing

The treatment finish faster than wax, so my back doesn’t hurt.

There is less garbage

No need to worry about heat

Easy to clean because sugar melts in hot water


How to choose a sugaring salon


How to choose a Sugaring salon?
For Sugaring, we recommend that you use Maris Gina!


What is AP Sugaring Hair Removal?
Maris Gina uses the products, knowledge, and skills of Alexandria Professional (AP), a pioneer in sugaring around the world. AP is also a sugaring brand that puts the customer's skin first, and we have products and knowledge that not only remove hair with Sugaring, but also consider before and aftercare needs.
All AP salons around the world recommend salons that use APs around the world. This is because it is a level that combines not only products but also the technology and knowledge.
In Japan, only Maris Gina deals with AP, but in a few years, we have achieved more than 5,800 reviews at 8 stores nationwide. No. 1 in the number of sugarist training.
Maris Gina staffs will acquire sugaring skills in the first month or two of the training, and after six months of training, they will receive the AP certification and begin their treatment.

For those who are thinking about photo-epilation and laser hair removal

Tweezers and razors can damage your skin very much. As much as possible, we don't want to use it, and it's annoying to have to shave before removing hair.
Maris Gina recommends pulse light (IPL) after sugaring to delay hair growth or change hair quality.
After the hair becomes thin, you can shave it with a razor and perform IPL or laser, or you can easily remove fine hair with Sugaring. If you want to reduce hair, we recommend Sugaring + photo-epilation (IPL).
Let us avoid using razors as much as possible!




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